Mas-Tek Engineering & Associates, Inc.

Mas-Tek Engineering’s objective is to provide professional services in the field of Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Materials Testing.

Geotechnical Services

  • Geotechnical engineering, drilling and consulting
  • Exploration
  • Laboratory testing
  • Computer Analysis/Modeling
  • Field exploration

Construction Material Testing

  • Construction material engineering and inspection
  • Concrete mix designs
  • Batch plant inspections and certifications

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

  • Project management
  • Project inspection/observation
  • Value engineering

The company philosophy "Managing Quality Through Integrity" is a must for all employees and subcontractors. It is the goal of the firm to provide the highest quality of services in its field of expertise, while serving the needs of the client. MTE is recognized for its innovative, cost-saving approaches through Value Engineering alternatives.


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